Tuesday, November 6, 2012

menya Ittou 一燈, Shin Koiwa, Tokyo Japan

Day 3 Tokyo

A raining day in Tokyo injected to my eager to have a better bowl of ramen! lol.

Today I visited 2010 opened ramen-ya, Menya Ittou (麺屋 一燈). It was such a long traveling with 2 changing Metro lanes! Menya Ittou is located in Shin-Koiwa station around 10 stations outside of Tokyo.  The shop is around 5 minute walk from the north exit in shin-koiwa.

Wednesday lunch time around 12:30 in a raining day, 10 people in line!  They have asked all the customer to purchase food ticket first.  I have ordered their top popular item, Special dense seafood tonkotsu tsuke men,特製濃厚魚介つけ麺.  950yen.

After sitting down at the counter, they have displayed all the glory the store has received, such as number 1 in tsukemen, number 1 in shio. etc. The quickly rising star still amazed me that they only have opened for 2 years. 

They even have hair clipper for gals! First time I saw this in a ramen shop, or any shop really.. 

Ramen. Yum!! Same as advertised! The housemade noodle is a big plus where the chewy rate is very high.  The more interesting thing is that the chashu tasted like 4 pieces of ham where it blends in with the thick soup!

The soup is dense and seafood heavy flavored.  There are actually 2 chicken meatball in the soup which it does added some more flavor. After dipping the noodle in the soup, the noodle is always very slimy and chewy, which is a little bit different than other stores.

Afterwards, I visited Tokyo Contemporary Museum around 3 stations away!

The Museum is exhibiting "Art and Music" from Japanese artest around the world.  A lot has to deal with old radio and track players on the sounds of broken radio.  

One of my favorite art piece! All from left over hardware!

Pudding from the museum shop!  Kind of weird with ice but it is very tasty.

Fun continues!!

Menya Ittou 麺屋 一燈


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